About Us

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Peninsula Boxing & Fitness is a non-profit charity on a mission to positively impact lives. Featuring comprehensive sports, nutrition, and academic programming, we strive to improve one’s physical as well as mental condition in an effort to maximize human potential.

Primarily focusing on youth, we provide safe haven during vulnerable hours after school, to within our confines offer structured activities which not only promote an active healthy lifestyle, but devised to build character and instill core values activities which serve youngsters moving forward.

Secondarily we cater to adults, to by way of recreational formatting address quality of life issues. With health and wellness in mind partakers increase fitness, lose weight, gain confidence, and reduce stress, while regular participation helps to combat preventable diseases.

Tax-exempt we provide services to all, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, or income level. That said we keep rates affordable, provide needed scholarships, to for qualified athletes cover costs associated with medical examinations, travel accommodations, and or training gear.

To maintain operations program services generate the bulk of income, with fundraisers, contributions, and grants being added sources of revenue. On the promotional end we as a collective organize public events, distribute literature, and look to forge meaningful partnerships.

The latter would include reaching out to local businesses, school administrations, community center staff, parks and recreation, law enforcement, and social organizations with whose support, cooperation, and understanding we intend to grow, as well as further our mission.


Our philosophy is rooted in creating genuine enthusiasm hence, we make activities fun, interesting, and relevant. For it’s keeping participants tuned in and turned on that allows for program benefits to take hold, benefits which promote self-maintenance and better living.

Proponents of regular exercise we firmly believe that the quality of one’s life improves markedly when fitness comes first. Whether an individual is in poor physical condition, lacks self-esteem or structure, or is simply in need of friendship, our program has something for everyone.

Boxing is in fact our chosen means, providing superior physical benefits to within the skills development process involve traits identical to those necessary for a happy, healthy, and productive lifestyle.

Then there’s the competitive aspect to the sport, which while unsurpassed in building confidence and character it tends to diminish one’s fear. This prompts better decision making, decreasing the likelihood that one give in to negative or self-destructive peer-pressure.

About helping individuals reach their full potential, we’re equally proud of the program’s overall positive impact. For to see motivated, disciplined, more accountable beings emerge as a result of our efforts is not only fulfilling, it’s simply our mission.


Peninsula Boxing & Fitness is a qualified 501 c 3 public charity run mainly by volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to our mission. In order to help sustain program activities please consider making a donation today through our secure Pay Pal server. It’s not only fast but easy, for which upon contributing you’ll receive a maximum tax deduction (EIN# 80-0245619).

Unable to contribute financially? Perhaps then you’re able to donate your time whether as a coach, tutor, mentor, general volunteer, or even a professional, as we’re always on the lookout for bookkeepers, tax preparers, and grant writers to help with organizational needs.

Cultivating enthusiasm for life while providing an atmosphere to relieve stress from it, your support allows us to continue making a difference, giving youth needed opportunities to make better choices. Won’t you please lend a hand?