Academic Development Program



Just as it is necessary to exercise the body to become physically fit, so too must an individual exercise the mind to acquire mental fitness. That said, Peninsula Boxing & Fitness in conjunction with Stanford University Alumni, offers an academic development program complete with individualized tutoring services and homework guidance.

Covering a wide variety of subjects to include math, science, English, social studies, history, and standardized test preparation, qualified tutors each Monday from 5-6pm during the school year excluding holidays, provide that one-on-one instruction necessary for some to excel in school.

Free of charge to elementary, middle, and high school students, our goal in creating well-rounded individual’s includes as part of an overall program approach the promotion of scholastic achievement, as we look to ensure children aren’t falling behind in preparation for life ahead.

Ultimately helping to connect the educational dots for youngsters, we in the process hope to cultivate a love of learning. It is this circumstance that we intend will not only contribute towards, but foster in tomorrow’s youth a desire and ability to navigate through as well as succeed in an ever complex and changing world.