Womens Boxing Program – Ladies Night Boxercise!


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Ladies, get you groove back in recreational boxing fitness classes run exclusively for women. Let our talented and knowledgeable instructors along with some energizing sounds take you to the next level and beyond.

No matter if one is shy or outgoing, novice or experienced, in or out of shape, we demonstrate the skills and drills that will reveal your inner champion, all at a pace suitable to the individual. 

Learn stance, footwork, and striking technique during motivational sessions devised to increase fitness, induce weight loss, elevate energy, improve confidence, and reduce stress.

Employ explosive combinations on heavy bags and mitts for a super calorie burn, while during paired activities acquiring real life self-defense skills that may come in handy.

Top things off with interval training where a total body conditioning workout will enhance muscle tone, as well as build the ultimate in strength, stamina, and core stability.

Conclude with cool down and flexibility, all the while making new friends during what is an awesome workout.