Mobile Gym Program


For kids who can’t come to us we go to them, to feature 18 years in the running our most prolific of programs “The Mobile Gym”. All-out fun in the form of gymnastics skills development, Boxercise, or physical education programming, we partner with many a preschool, elementary, and or after school care facility to have a hand in shaping children’s lives.

Providing for many what is a solitary and unique source of structured physical activity our routines while entertainment based serve to build confidence, instill positive primary characteristics, and more importantly address immediate health concerns.


That said, what we are most proud of is the fact that children through interactive participation acquire valuable cognitive skills, skills which are destined to play a marked role in the future academic and artistic development of each and every one of our students.

Combine this with the notion that an active childhood tends to make for a physically active adult, and our program contributes toward laying the foundation for a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Free Demonstration: If interested in any of our mobile offerings whether as a parent, teacher, school director or administrator, please contact us to arrange for an absolutely free on-site demonstration. A free demo not only allows interested parties to see how we interact with children and vice-versa, but how we physically fit into your facility as we usually require no more space than the size of a small classroom depending on student enrollment.

Generate Revenue: A quality service at affordable rates, in addition to being an asset to any facility we also help schools generate revenue by way of the single payment billing method. This method provides schools with significant enrollment discounted rates in return for paying us directly so that facilities can set up their own standard fee structure in conjuction with parents so as to generate revenue whether on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Developmental Gymnastics

Fun is number 1 as regards developmental gymnastics so that music, movement challenges, and motivation round out 45 minute to 1 hour entertainment-based sessions. Quite engaging, regimented instruction includes warm-up, strength and flexibility training, tumbling, obstacle course skills development, ball play, and lots of coordinated games and activities for enjoyment.

Conducted weekly, knowledgeable coaches arrive on site with a variety of multi-dimensional equipment to include trampolines, rock walls, swing bars, balance beams, vaulting tables, octagons, and so much more in terms of apparatus which lends itself to fitness of both mind and body.

For it is in conjunction with such items that children within a non-competitive success-oriented format progress at their own rate to improve strength, balance, rhythm, flexibility, and overall motor coordination to above all build the confidence one needs to thrive in a variety of settings.

As important as providing a program rich in fun and laughter students shy or otherwise who would not normally participate in such activities develop the courage to achieve that which they had not thought possible.

This allows youngsters to in a program which promotes cooperative interaction and social development grow in a variety of ways, all the while becoming instilled with core values, positive characteristics, and healthy developmental habits that will endure a lifetime.


Our newest addition to the Mobile Gym reserved for school age students, Boxercise is a non to light contact martial-arts fitness program which puts kids through the motions. Perfect for self-defense, regimented activities take fitness and discipline to another level as children build the ultimate in confidence and character while improving strength, balance, rhythm, flexibility, and overall motor coordination.

Conducted weekly, students dawn the gloves to in a well-structured environment learn the fundamentals of a sport which produces some of the world’s best conditioned athlete’s. Beginning with a variety of warm-ups to include rope jumping, jogging, dumbbell/medicine ball exercises, calisthenics and more, participants ready themselves for the next phase.

That next phase entails flexibility training, as students spend 5 to 10 minutes stretching all parts of the body. This promotes injury prevention, improves reaction time and fluidity of movement, to finally increase range of motion and therefore dexterity and power.

This is followed by learning the technical aspects of the sport itself, with stance, directional footwork, and striking technique initially to be done in concert with line drills. Line drills combine all three aforementioned elements to in shadowboxing mode develop balance in motion.

Once proficiency is achieved motion wise, youngsters proceed to employ learned skills on punch mitts and punch shields while rounding out curriculum activities, interval training figures into the mix. Interval training combines boxing specific drills with core stability exercises to achieve the ultimate in fitness and conditioning while providing a positive release of pent-up energy.

All in all a progressive success oriented program where in developing a variety of skills children do so at a pace suitable to each individual, to in the end realize a sense a self-worth and accomplishment.

Physical Education

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