Schedule & Fees

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The Amateur program schedule is determined by the Head Trainer in regards to upcoming competition. Otherwise competitors train accordingly during Youth/Adult Recreational hours and or by mutual appointment.

Note:  Amateur program participation requires that athletes first obtain a license. Please inquire within as to prerequisites. Furthermore, the schedule subject to change while additional training sessions are arranged as necessary to prepare for upcoming competitions.


Monthly Membership

Ages 8-17 $75

Ages 18-40 $100

Daily Drop-in Rate

Ages 8-17 $20

Ages 18-40 $25




Drop in for your Free Trial anytime no appointment necessary during evening classes but do text ahead to 650-290-1920 if interested in attending a morning trial class. No equipment necessary as we’ll provide what’s needed during your initial visit. Just bring water and some attitude.

Adult Recreational Program Mornings Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 5:30-6:30am & 6:30-7:30am Saturday 9-10am

Adult Recreational Program Evenings 5:30-6:30pm & 6:30-7:30pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Adult Recreational Programming is open to both Men & Women

Note: Although youth rates apply, youth 16+ who follow instructions as well as demonstrate adequate boxing skills may participate in adult classes to accommodate individual schedules and or preferences.


Monthly Membership

Ages 18+ $100 Unlimited Adult Recreational Classes

Note: Full monthly membership purchased for $100 entitles individuals to attend any and all designated classes available during the course of a paid month, with tuition to be prorated if initially enrolling other than at the beginning of the month.

Daily Drop-in Rate


Package Deal

$120 for 6 classes

$2000 for 12 classes

Note:  Package deal classes expire 3 months from the date of purchase. 




4:30-5:30pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday/10-11am Saturday

Youth ages 5-16 years of age are welcome to do a free trial class at anytime. Just bring water as we’ll provide necessary gear during your initial visit. No need to schedule ahead as there’s always room. This is a recreational program where youngsters do not box each other but only hit the bags and other apparatus to become physically and mentally fit while having loads of fun. Add in the fact that students learn real world self defense skills while building confidence and self-esteem and there are no losers here.  


Monthly Membership

Ages 5-16 $75

Note: This type of membership entitles youngsters to attend any and all classes available during the course of a paid month, with tuition to be prorated when initially enrolling other than at the beginning of the month.

Daily Drop-in Rate


Package Deals

$90 for 6 individual classes

$150 for 12 individual classes

Note: All package deals expire 3 months from the date of purchase. Also very young children 5 years and up who cannot follow instructions during an initial trial class may be dismissed from that class. As a result, you will be kindly asked to return with your child at a future date when they are more mature or better able to follow instructions.



6-7pm Tuesdays & Thursdays.


Sports Nutrition program classes are complimentary with paid monthly membership.



Personal Training is available ALL DAY LONG for those who want to look and feel like a Champion. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner it doesn’t matter as we’ll have you performing the skills and drills of All Time Greats in short time to add core conditioning that will have you lean and mean. No matter if done at our facility or in the comfort of you’re own home we’ll travel to get the job done. To book an appointment with the best trainers in the USA please text 650-290-1920. You won’t regret it.


Onsite-$100 per hour per solitary session.

Offsite-$120 per hour in immediate vicinity with rates to increase based on time/travel distance. 

Note: If interested in small group training whether on or offsite please inquire within as to prices and availability. 



Mondays & Wednesdays 6-7 pm/by appointment


The Academic Development Program is complimentary with paid monthly membership



Mobile Gym programs are predetermined in collaboration with new or existing accounts to run on a month-to-month basis for the duration of a school year, or to run on a quarterly basis including Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Camp programming. Conducted weekly, a school facility which chooses to offer instructional classes on a Monday will for example continue to have such instruction each and every Monday until negotiated otherwise.

Regular Fee’s

Regular monthly fee’s when we bill parents directly currently range from $55-$60 per child per month for 45 minute-1 hour classes which are conducted on a weekly basis for students ranging from Pre K-6th grade. We also offer Toddler programming for children 2-3 years of age with class instruction being 30 minutes in duration at $45 per child per month.

$40-$50 sliding scale rates or less are also offered whether that be for monthly or quarterly programming where schools pay us directly in one lump sum choosing to collect payments on our behalf and eliminating the need for us to bill parents on an individual basis.


Not all care facilities qualify for this sliding scale which is based on enrollment numbers and works best for schools with medium to significant enrollment, either costing individual parents less, and or if the school or care facility chooses, that school or care facility is presented with the opportunity to generate revenue for themselves by way setting higher tuition rates. This is quite feasible given that for the same or better service our non profit fee structure is set below that of traditional gymnasiums  

Revenue/Vendor Fee’s

To reiterate, schools with significant enrollment who choose to pay us directly in a single lump sum can do so under what is deemed the single payment billing method. This method eliminates the need for us to collect individual fee’s so that facilities can in conjunction with parents, as well as reduced monthly rates, set up their own fee structure so as to generate revenue. Add to this the fact that we’ve paid schools back a percentage of quarterly earnings or otherwise, a vendor fee if you will, and another income garnering avenue becomes available for clientele.