Sports Nutrition Science


Inseparable from athletic performance, not to mention necessary in providing life’s daily energy, is nutrition. That said, we offer instructional classes in sports nutrition science, the primary goals of which are to improve one’s dietary habits, while arming individuals with knowledge indispensable to informed decision making. This when confronted with an overwhelming amount and variety of food choices.

Breaking it all down certified nutritionists twice weekly present comprehensive course material ranging from food properties, to value and effect, to physiology itself. This includes within curriculum activities periodic review and testing, group discussion, and hands-on experiments where consumption of specific foods or beverages serves to confirm sports related effectiveness.

Comprehending how and when to properly fuel one’s body to receive the utmost in physical development and muscle recovery, students further learn to establish an eating plan based upon an active lifestyle, or to coincide with peak athletic performance. This includes snacking on the run, as well as selecting high-quality high energy foods previous to competitive events.

Of the opinion that food is medicine and that eating other than wholesome food is a step towards ill health, we also touch upon food properties, to include the study of various nutrients and minerals associated with normal metabolic function. This takes into account their value and effect, as well as relationship to health maintenance and disease prevention.

No less essential to discourse by way of popularity are supplements, performance enhancers, and engineered sports foods, with food safety necessitating review of the latest scientific research. That’s to say we look into modern agriculture itself to include how food ingredients and food processing affect the body.

Covering most if not all of the bases we tap into basic physiology itself, studying the circulatory system, the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, and the digestive tract in particular and how it correlates to food intake and sports performance.

With good nutrition tantamount to functioning at optimum levels as is required by the sport of boxing, we impart the benefits in full of not only adhering to a proper diet, but a diet conducive to promoting general health and well-being.